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head of group

His main research interests are ligand- and structure-based drug design with focus on transmembrane transport proteins, prediction of on- and off-kinetics, as well as semantic data integration.

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Girardi, E, César-Razquin, A, Lindinger, S, Papakostas, K, Konecka, J, Hemmerich, J, Kickinger, S, Kartnig, F, Gürtl, B, Klavins, K, Sedlyarov, V, Ingles-Prieto, A, Fiume, G, Koren, A, Lardeau, C-H, Kumaran Kandasamy, R, Kubicek, S, Ecker, GF & Superti-Furga, G 2020, 'A widespread role for SLC transmembrane transporters in resistance to cytotoxic drugs', Nature Chemical Biology, vol. 16, pp. 469–478. doi.org/10.1038/s41589-020-0483-3

Niello, M, Cintulova, D, Hellsberg, E, Jäntsch, K, Holy, M, Ayatollahi, LH, Cozzi, NV, Freissmuth, M, Sandtner, W, Ecker, GF, Mihovilovic, MD & Sitte, HH 2019, 'para-Trifluoromethyl-methcathinone is an allosteric modulator of the serotonin transporter', Neuropharmacology, vol. 161, 107615. doi.org/10.1016/j.neuropharm.2019.04.021


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Triangulation of repurposing candidates for orphan diseases

Jana Gurinova , Gerhard Ecker , Daniela Digles
Nicht angegeben
Other, Poster presentation
19.3.2018 - 19.3.2018

In silico Toxicology - from prediction of transporter interaction profiles to toxicological read across and beyond

Gerhard Ecker
Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
13.3.2018 - 13.3.2018

Linking open data - from transporter interaction profiles to toxicity prediction

Gerhard Ecker
In Silico IVIVE
Seminar/Workshop, Talk or oral contribution
20.9.2017 - 20.9.2017

Predicting drug residence time - its all about how long you stay

Gerhard Ecker
Vienna Summer School on Drug Design 2017
Summer/Winter school, Talk or oral contribution
18.9.2017 - 18.9.2017

Open PHACTS - Exploiting semantically integrated life science data for transporter profiling

Gerhard Ecker
BioMedical Transporters
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
7.8.2017 - 7.8.2017