NeGeMac - Research Platform

Next Generation Macrocycles to Address Challenging Protein Interfaces

The NeGeMac research platform addresses several important aspects of the early chemical drug discovery phase:

  • data science and deep learning,
  • computer‐assisted protein interaction analysis, as well as the
  • conformational analysis and prioritization of innovative macrocycles,

which became available recently by applying modern and environmentally efficient organic synthesis methods.

These complementary basic research concepts together provide ‐ as an example, applied to therapeutically interesting protein targets ‐ the basis for the identification of promising starting materials for medicinal chemistry optimization programs. The nationally and internationally wellembedded team put together for this proposal uses this concept to generate potent platform technology that enhances the visibility of the University of Vienna in the area of biopharmaceutical basic research, as well as possibilities for later translational exploitation of the highly effective lead structures that will have been created.


Nuno Maulide (Faculty of Chemistry)


Gerhard Ecker (Faculty of Life Sciences)
Thierry Langer (Faculty of Life Sciences)


Synthetic Methodology Development (N. Maulide)
Data Science and Modeling (G. Ecker)
Chemoinformatics (T. Langer)

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