Daniela Digles is post-doc as well as senior lecturer at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Vienna. She completed her PhD studies with a DOC-fFORTE-fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences at the University of Vienna, in the Pharmacoinformatics Research Group of Prof. Gerhard Ecker. 

In 2012 she started her Post-doc within the Open PHACTS project (IMI), and later on within the Open PHACTS Foundation, where she was testing the developed system, creating KNIME workflows to access the data to answer research questions, as well as user support. Currently, she is involved in the “FAIRness for Life Science Data” project (FWF), and the RESOLUTE project (IMI). 

Her main research interests are the usage and quality control of open data (especially for solute carrier proteins), classification schemes, and the application of workflow tools. 


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Kotsampasakou, E, Jain, S, Digles, D & Ecker, GF 2018, Transporters in Hepatotoxicity. in Computational Toxicology: Risk Assessment for Chemicals. Wiley, pp. 145-174.

Slenter, DN, Kutmon, M, Hanspers, K, Riutta, A, Windsor, J, Nunes, N, Mélius, J, Cirillo, E, Coort, SL, Digles, D, Ehrhart, F, Giesbertz, P, Kalafati, M, Martens, M, Miller, R, Nishida, K, Rieswijk, L, Waagmeester, A, Eijssen, LMT, Evelo, CT, Pico, AR & Willighagen, EL 2018, 'WikiPathways: a multifaceted pathway database bridging metabolomics to other omics research', Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 46, no. D1, pp. D661–D667.


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Accessing public databases with KNIME

Daniela Digles
EUROPIN Vienna Summer School Drug Design, Summer/Winter school, Talk or oral contribution
17.9.2019 - 17.9.2019

ReSOLUTE databases and tools for the scientific community

Daniela Digles
Inaugural Conference of the International Transmembrane<br/>Transporter Society (ITTS), Conference, Talk or oral contribution
20.9.2018 - 20.9.2018

KNIME + Open PHACTS &amp; Hands-on

Daniela Digles
BioExcel: workflow training for computational biomolecular research, Seminar/Workshop, Talk or oral contribution
20.10.2016 - 20.10.2016

Drug Targets in the Solute Carrier Classification (SLC)

Daniela Digles
XXIV EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Conference, Talk or oral contribution
31.8.2016 - 31.8.2016

Exploring available compound data with the open PHACTS discovery platform and KNIME

Daniela Digles
252nd ACS National Meeting, Conference, Talk or oral contribution
21.8.2016 - 21.8.2016