Location & Entrances

Entrances (level 2)

As you can see on this map there isn't just one entrance to our building. We would suggest to use the main entrance where the "Portier" is situated - there you can always ask for guidance.

In general best entrances to find us are the following:

  • Main entrance (Use the doors on the left - "Pharmazie-Zentrum")
  • Side entrance "Rotunde" (Next to public transportation)

Barrier-free access (level 1) currently via garages and delivery entrance only. Also have a look at this Google Street View, directly in front of the stairs leading to the side entrance.

Arrival by Public Transport

Google Maps (Spittelau)

Google Maps (Liechtenwerder Platz)

Our building is perfectly connected to the public transportation system of Vienna. 

  • Spittelau: This is your station to get off the underground lines U4 or U6! Then follow the signs directing you to the bus stop of 35A. You'll walk by the thermal power plant designed by Hundertwasser - you can't miss it. Turn right and cross the street on your left hand side by using the cross-walk which will directly lead you to the stairs where you will find the side entrance "Rotunde" as mentioned before. Next to those stairs you will also find the bus stop of 35A. You may also use it to get to us.
  • Liechtenwerder Platz: Going by tram D is another option you could use. Get off the tram at that stop and look out for the chimney of that power plant (by Hundertwasser, you again can't miss it). Walk in this direction for about 200m and you will see the same stairs which will lead you to the side entrance "Rotunde". Coming from this tram way stop you may also walk up an emergency driveway on your right hand side.

Arrival by Car

Parking garage (level 1)

The ground floor (or level 1) of our building is mainly used as a cellar and parking garages. As you can see on this map there is the barrier-free entrance marked as "Boteneingang" as well. We prepared this Google Maps link for you to plan your route.

You could leave the garage at "Josef-Holaubek-Platz" to get to the stairs as described above or use for example the "Boteneingang" as well.

Inside UZA 2

Inside UZA 2

Staircase wing E

Once you finally entered our building you will find a main corridor on level 2. Depending on which entrance you used you will start at wing D (main entrance) or wing H (side entrance "Rotunde").

The room numbers of our offices are 2E 403 - 407. You will find a guide on how to read those room numbers here:

  • 2 ..... UZA 2
  • E ..... wing
  • 4 ..... level
  • 03 ... room

There is a staircase and an elevator at every wing. Look for the purple signs as they are shown in this plan of level 2 to find our wing E. We share our rooms with the secretariat of pharmacognosy, which is why our door is also marked with a blue sign saying "Pharmakognosie - Sekretariat" as well. The door is unlocked during the regular office hours of this secretariat. Just pull to open. Otherwise you will find a doorbell system on the left. Please dial the number provided in a list next to it to call the person you want to meet. He or she will then open the door, pull to open as soon as you hear the buzz.

Welcome to the Pharmacoinformatics Research Group!