Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Ecker

Place of Birth: Seitenstetten (Lower Austria)

Nationality: Austria


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Gerhard Ecker is Professor of Pharmacoinformatics and Head of the Pharmacoinformatics Research Group at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Vienna. He also coordinates the research focus “Computational Life Sciences” of the Faculty of Life Sciences. Gerhard received his doctorate in natural sciences from the University of Vienna and performed his post-doctoral training at the group of J. Seydel in Borstel (Germany). His research focuses on computational drug design, with special emphasis on drug-transporter interaction and in silico safety assessment. He coordinated the Open PHACTS project, which created an Open Pharmacological Space by semantic integration of public databases. Gerhard served 2009 – 2011 as President of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry, and is currently Dean at the Faculty of Life Sciences. Very recently, he founded the company Phenaris, which leverages linked open data for safety assessment of drug candidates.


Education and Career

1981-1986Study of Pharmacy, University of Vienna

Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry

1995Post-doc stay in the group of Prof. Seydel, Research Center, Borstel, Germany
1998Habilitation for Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Vienna
2004 -Coordinator of the Research Focus „Computational Life Sciences“ at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna
Oct 2009Appointment as full professor for Pharmacoinformatics, University of Vienna


University Organization

2003-2009Member of the Senate of the University of Vienna, Vice Chair June 2006-2009
2014-2018     Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna
2018-2022Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences



2003-   Member of the Executive Committee of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry, Secretary 2003 – 2007, President-elect 2008
2009-2011  President of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry
2013              Awarded Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry


Editor Molecular Informatics, Editor in Chief MedChemComm, Editorial Board member of several journals in the field

Coordinator of the Open PHACTS IMI project on semantic data integration, partner in the IMI projects eTOX, K4DD, eTRANSAFE, TransQST, ReSOLUTE, and in the H2020 project EU-ToxRisk. Deputy speaker of the FWF doctoral programme “Molecular Drug Targets” (since 2019 speaker), partner in the SFB “Transmembrane Transporters in Health and Disease

At present 190 full papers, >250 conference contributions and 160 invited lectures, mainly related to pharmacoinformatic studies on the molecular basis of drug-transporter interaction, protein homology modelling and molecular dynamics simulations of transmembrane transporters, machine learning and neural networks in drug design, and semantic data integration and knowledge management.