Current Projects

Please find details on our Current Projects below or in the menu on your right hand side. There you will also find a list of our Finished Projects.


  • ­eTRANSAFE - "Enhancing TRANslational SAFEty Assessment through Integrative Knowledge Management":
    • Based on previous experience, the eTRANSAFE project proposes a state-of-the-art, powerful and flexible technical architecture for the data sharing, integration and exploitation.

Logo - Europin

  • EUROPIN - "A European Pharmacoinformatics Initiative":
    • Developing a European PhD curriculum in Pharmacoinformatics

Logo - MolTag -

  • MolTag - "Molecular Drug Targets":
    • PhD/doctoral program in pharmaceutical sciences, funded by the Austrian Science Fund.

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  • NeGeMac - "Next Generation Macrocycles to Address Challenging Protein Interfaces":
    • Research Platform addressing several important aspects of the early chemical drug discovery phase, funded by the University of Vienna.


  • ReSOLUTE - "Research Empowerment on Solute Carriers":
    • The goal of the project is to intensify worldwide research on solute carriers (SLCs), a relatively understudied group of proteins that control essential physiological functions, and potentially establish them as a novel target class for medicine research and development.

Logo - REsolution

  • REsolution - "Medical Genetic Solutions for RESOLUTE":
    • REsolution aims at gathering publicly available datasets and combining them with novel experimental data on genetic variants of SLCs. To that end, REsolution will build on the ongoing project RESOLUTE.


  • RISK-HUNT3R - "RISK assessment of chemicals integrating HUman centric Next generation Testing strategies promoting the 3Rs":
    • The vision of the RISK-HUNT3R consortium is to develop a reliable, efficient and cost-effective chemical safety assessment approach.