InSilify DrugTox

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A broad computational retrospective analysis of pharmaceutical scientific advice and authorization data to evaluate the predictivity and usability of toxicological in silico models in drug development

InSilify DrugTox is amongst the seven projects that were granted by the Austrian Science Fund FWF to enable research on different possibilities to reduce or replace animal studies. In this project we will determine the accuracy of state-of-the-art in silico modelling programs to predict various toxicity endpoints from an extensive drug development and authorisation archive. This will inform whether computational toxicology can already be safely implemented in drug development.

InSilify DrugTox is a collaboration between the regulatory sector and academia. Specifically, this project combines profound expertise in regulatory drug development (AGES-MEA), cutting edge science in the field of computational toxicology (Universität Wien, Pharmacoinformatics Research Group), and 3Rs and regulatory toxicology (Medizinische Universität Innsbruck, Regulatory Toxicology Group).

Together we will carry out a large retrospective modelling analysis of an extensive drug development and authorization data archive and investigate whether state-of-the-art in silico programs (Lhasa Limited, Leadscope (Instem), MultiCASE, Inc., and freeware models) can accurately predict toxicity endpoints. The results gathered in this project will inform whether such modelling approaches can be safely implemented in drug development. If so, this would translate into a reduced demand of pre- and non-clinical animal studies and a faster and cheaper availability of drugs for which there is still an unmet medical need.

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Keywords: Computational Toxicology, 3R, Drug Development, QSAR