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Head of Group
Director of Corporate Program

His main research interests are ligand- and structure-based drug design with focus on transmembrane transport proteins, prediction of on- and off-kinetics, as well as semantic data integration.

Contact Hours for Students

  • Wednesday 14:00 - 15:00
  • Room 2E405 (or online) 
  • only after appointment via E-Mail latest on Friday before

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Dvorak, V, Casiraghi, A, Colas, C, Koren, A, Tomek, T, Offensperger, F, Rukavina, A, Tin, G, Hahn, E, Dobner, S, Frommelt, F, Boeszoermenyi, A, Bernada, V, Hannich, JT, Ecker, GF, Winter, GE, Kubicek, S & Superti-Furga, G 2023, 'Paralog-dependent isogenic cell assay cascade generates highly selective SLC16A3 inhibitors', Cell Chemical Biology, vol. 30, no. 8, pp. 953-964.e9.


Leveraging linked open data - from transporter interaction profiling to toxicity prediction and beyond

Gerhard Ecker
Janssen internal computational chemistry meeting
Lecture series, colloquium, Talk or oral contribution
15.3.2017 - 15.3.2017

Exploiting semantically integrated life science data - from transporter profiling to toxicity prediction

Gerhard Ecker
1st MuTaLig COST Action Training School
Summer/Winter school, Talk or oral contribution
9.2.2017 - 9.2.2017

The power of open data - linking transporter interaction profiles to in vivo toxicity

Gerhard Ecker
Talk or oral contribution
3.2.2017 - 3.2.2017

Leveraging linked open data - from transporter interaction profiles to toxicity prediction

Gerhard Ecker
Talk or oral contribution
19.1.2017 - 19.1.2017

Open Innovation in the Age of Big Data

Gerhard Ecker
Open Innovation
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
17.11.2016 - 17.11.2016