#BehindTheScenes RESOLUTE video


with Gerhard Ecker and Daniela Digles on developing KNIME workflows to collect and analyze available data on Solute Carriers (#SLCs).

RESOLUTE data mining efforts focused on SLCs

How to get all available data on Solute Carriers and compile it in one place? On this video, the RESOLUTE team at the University of Vienna explains their computational methods to retrieve and process all data available on Solute Carriers. Don't miss this video if you are investigating SLCs.

RESOLUTE's behind the scenes videos aim at highlighting the different activities performed by the RESOLUTE consortium. What are we doing? Who is doing it? Why is it important? How can the scientific community benefit from this effort? During the next 2 years, we will answer these questions for each and every RESOLUTE activity.

Credits: Florian Klein, Alvaro Ingles-Prieto,
Special thanks to: Gerhard Ecker and Daniela Digles.

The filming of this video was performed under strict safety measures against COVID-19.

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