Watch the recording: TOXstreams by Altertox Academy meets RISK-HUNT3R


with Bob van de Water, Mirjam Luijten, Andrew White & Matteo Piumatti. Thank you all for the great opportunity and amazing discussions on #NextGenerationRiskAssessment.

You know how many studies are focused on finding the next best tool or test to assess the risk associated with chemical exposure? It’s all well and good, but even the perfect assay needs to be accepted by regulators before seeing the light of day. And how do we do that, you ask? Well, we have no clue, but the guests of the next TOXstreams episode have some ideas. Especially since they spent a lot of time thinking about it while developing the EU project RISK HUNT3R. Prof. Bob van de Water, Dr Mirjam Luijten and Dr Andrew White, principal investigators in the projects, will do their best to explain to Matteo Piumatti what RISK HUNT3R is doing, what next-generation risk assessment means and why it is so important. You just have to tune in Wednesday, 19th of April at 8.00 pm to catch the best talk show on toxicology in town. See you there!

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