ATLA Award at QSAR2023 in Copenhagen goes to: Palle Helmke


Our dear colleagues Jiahui, Karin and Abir were there when Palle received the award for the best poster at the 20th International Workshop on (Q)SAR in Environmental and Health Sciences in Copenhagen, Denmark. Congratulation Palle!!

The journal ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals) proudly sponsored a monetary award and a year’s free subscription to ATLA, for the best poster, presented at the QSAR2023 conference. Members of the Editorial Board of ATLA were to judge the posters during the meeting. The decision was based on: visual appeal, clarity, scientific content and potential impact on the 3Rs.

The award winner was announced during the closing ceremony. And his name is: Palle Steen Helmke, congratulations from all of us for your great work on "Systematic Fringerprints for Predicting Liver Related Adverse Events"!

Otherwise, of course, the posters from our colleagues Karin, Jiahui and Abir were also great. In addition, Jiahui gave a well-received pitch-talk on "ProteoMutaMetrics: Machine learning model for mutation pathogenicity prediction".

What a great event overall, thanks to the organizers for making this possbile!

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