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Chien, HC, Colas, C, Finke, K, Springer, S, Stoner, L, Zur, AA, Venteicher, B, Campbell, J, Hall, C, Flint, A, Augustyn, E, Hernandez, C, Heeren, N, Hansen, L, Anthony, A, Bauer, J, Fotiadis, D, Schlessinger, A, Giacomini, KM & Thomas, AA 2018, 'Reevaluating the Substrate Specificity of the L-Type Amino Acid Transporter (LAT1).', Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 61, no. 16, pp. 7358-7373.

Garibsingh, RAA, Otte, NJ, Ndaru, E, Colas, C, Grewer, C, Holst, J & Schlessinger, A 2018, 'Homology modeling informs ligand discovery for the glutamine transporter ASCT2', Frontiers in Chemistry, vol. 6, 279.

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Showing entries 10 - 20 out of 237