Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Ecker

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head of group

His main research interests are ligand- and structure-based drug design with focus on transmembrane transport proteins, prediction of on- and off-kinetics, as well as semantic data integration.

Contact hours for students: Monday 13:00, send an e-mail to arrange an appointment at least three days in advance!


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A flow based hollow-fiber blood-brain barrier in vitro model with immortalised cell line PBMEC/C1-2

Gerhard Ecker
Gordon Research Conference 2006: Barriers of the CNS, Conference, Talk or oral contribution
25.6.2006 - 25.6.2006

P-glycoprotein - From target to antitarget

Gerhard Ecker
Talk or oral contribution
7.4.2006 - 7.4.2006

Pharmacoinformatic approaches to target polyspecific proteins

Gerhard Ecker
Talk or oral contribution
21.2.2006 - 21.2.2006