Interview in "uni:view Magazin" with our PI Gerhard Ecker, together with colleagues from several institutes at the University of Vienna, on COVID-19 vaccination

Experts from the University of Vienna explain the points of contact of their research with the COVID-19 pandemic and how they assess the importance of corona vaccination for the university and society as a whole.

Gerhard Ecker, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

"In our research, we are looking at computer methods for the discovery and development of new drugs. The focus here is on predicting side effects, ideally before the first animal experiments. The special feature of the development of possible drugs for COVID-19 infections is the public availability of many of the data collected worldwide. This can significantly accelerate the development of drugs. It must be stressed, however, that it will still take several years before a new drug is launched on the market. The only way to get a quick grip on the pandemic is to have an effective vaccination.

Where would we be today without the vaccinations against mumps, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, smallpox, FSME, polio? Vaccinations train our immune system to detect and fight pathogens. They are the only way for us to deal with the underlying pathogens ourselves and either not get sick at all or show only very mild symptoms. In the case of COVID-19, too, I believe that vaccination is the only way to control the pandemic by the end of this year. I will therefore get vaccinated as soon as I get the offer. Regarding the vaccine, I will take whatever is offered to me, all EMA-approved vaccines protect against serious course of the disease."

Please find the full interview at uni:view Magazin in German. An English version can be translated using e.g.

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Screenshot - uni:view Magazin
Screenshot - uni:view Magazin

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