Congratulations Barbara!


On December 16, 2019 Dr. Barbara Zdrazil successfully defended her habilitation thesis in front of a large audience consisting of professors, students, colleagues, friends and of course her family.

Title of her habilitation thesis: "Interconnecting Data Sciene and Computational Molecular Design – From data annotation and bioactivity profiling to the analysis of large chemical space"

Not only was it a great pleasure for everyone to follow her presentation, she also completely convinced the committee. That's one of many reasons why her application for habilitation was unanimously approved by this committee with distinction.

For those who do not know what exactly a habilitation is: It's the highest-ranking university examination with which the academic qualification is determined in a scientific subject within the framework of an academic examination procedure. The Statutes of the University of Vienna define the purpose of the habilitation as follows.

§ 2. The habilitation serves the purpose of formally assessing the excellent academic and didactic qualifications required for the conferral of the authorisation to teach (venia docendi) that is within the sphere of activities of the University of Vienna.

Finally, Barbara is now awarded the academic title "Priv.-Doz." (orig. German Privatdozentin). Of course, all of this was again a very welcome opportunity to celebrate her great success.

Dear Barbara, it is and has always been a great pleasure to work with you. We wish you all the best and look forward to great news that will await you in the new year. Congratulations again and stay as you are. The Pharminfo Group is proud to be with you.

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