Advances in Quantitative Systems Toxicology – The premise of TransQST


Translational Quantitative Systems Toxicology (TransQST) project outcomes have been included in a final booklet entitled “Advances in Quantitative Systems Toxicology – The premise of TransQST”. The booklet gathers all project results prior to January 2023 within a single document in an easy-to-read format.

TransQST was conceived as a response to the need to accelerate and optimize the development process for new molecules, contributing to the delivery of safer and faster drugs.

The consortium was launched on 1st of January 2017, spanning until 31st of August 2022, with the involvement of ten first-tier pharma partners and thirteen academic partners comprising top universities, research centres, hospitals, and small and medium- sized enterprises.

Our overarching aim was to demonstrate that quantitative and systems approaches in pharmacology and toxicology can be practically applied in drug research and development and used to enhance decision making. To achieve this aim, the project focused on four organs as the most common targets for drug- induced injury: liver, kidney, heart, and gastrointestinal-immune system.

Read more in the official booklet "Advances in Quantitative Systems Toxicology – The premise of TransQST" and check out the TransQST Results website, offering links to publicly accessible outcomes of TransQST.

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