15th eTRANSAFE Consortium Meeting + 1st eTRANSAFE Awards


The 15th eTRANSAFE Consortium Meeting took place on 9-10 of June 2022 in Barcelona, with the novelty of the first edition of the eTRANSAFE Awards. After several virtual editions, the eTRANSAFE consortium members gathered again in Barcelona in June for the first face-to-face event since 2020.

The main aim of the meeting was to showcase the latest advances of the eTRANSAFE ToxHub platform and foster interaction between the developing team and the end-users. This was accomplished through a series of interactive use cases and workshops, which the meeting participants joined from their laptops.

With this philosophy, the meeting kicked-off with a pre-meeting session targeted at skilled programmers, followed by registration and a networking lunch, witnessing many long-awaited reunions of colleagues after the pandemic.

The meeting culminated in the 1st eTRANSAFE Awards ceremony. The awards were granted in three categories to partners who had made important contributions to the project. After nominations cast by consortium members, the final awardees were Nicolas Bosc (EMBL-EBI) for Outstanding Individual Academic Contribution, Frank Bringezu (Merck) for Outstanding Individual Industry Contribution and GMV as a group for Outstanding Team Contribution. We send our congratulations to all the winners!

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Adrián Rodrigo, Enric Bousoño, Fabián Avilés, Antonio Pérez, Miguel Ferreira (GMV), Nicolas Bosc (EMBL-EBI), Frank Bringezu (Merck) – Winners of the 1st eTRANSAFE Awards.

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